Using terminal and CLI to find recent books on Android

I’m using FBReader Android application to read books on the phone. It has a feature to connect to the OPDS catalog and to download books from the reader.

Every book downloaded is stored in the dedicated folder but all files have the same name like


Those folder names are generated by unclear rules and does not contain a book name. It may not be obvious to locate a book through all those folders.

Android notification is shown for every book has been downloaded. The book is opened by the reader when user click on the notification.

I usually browse an OPDS catalog and download all new books I’d like to read at once.

The problem is that a book notification may be dismissed and expired from the Notification history. So I remember that had downloaded a book two weeks ago but it is not listed already as the notification.

But the CLI force may be used to find books with find bash command. Termux application can be used to run bash commands on Android

cd /sdcard/Books/ is used to change the working directory where books are stored by FBReader.

find . -type f -newermt "2022-07-29" searches for files that were created after a certain date (29 Jul e.g.).

The same may be executed by single command

find /sdcard/Books/ -type f -newermt "2022-07-29" or one by one

~ $ cd /sdcard/Books/
.../ $ find . -type f -newermt "2022-07-29"